Tour dates

July 5th, Friday Le Flamboyant, Plan D’eau Villefagnan (16)

McKenZie Juillet 5

July 6, Saturday, Salles de fete Fontenet (17)

McKenZie July 6 2019

July 16th, Tuesday, Pioussay (79) Valdelaume – Val de l’art

July 20th, Saturday, Nutfest Auberge du Noyer, Montjean (16)

Nutfest 2019

July 25th, Thursday Blues Rock Café Angouleme (16) subject to good weather, outside concert!

July 26th Friday La Cave de la Reine, Chaillac (36)

July 27th, Saturday, Le Marais St Macoux (86)

Le Marais 4

July 28th, Sunday lunchtime, Soleil Couchant, Verneuil (16)

August 9th, Friday Le Flamboyant, Plan D’eau Villefagnan (16)

August 10th, Saturday, Café de la Gare Magnac Laval (87)

August 18th, Sunday, Soleil Couchant festival, Verneuil (16)

August 24th, Saturday Auberge du Noyer, C&W BBQ Montjean (16)

August 31st, Saturday, Le Marais St Macoux (86)

September 14th, Saturday Soleil Couchant, Verneuil (16)

A quote from Christine, Chef Boutonne about our last Picnic Party –

“Thanks to you and Kenny for such a great evening – really enjoyed it. You both put so much work and effort into making these evenings so much fun – just wanted you to know how much they are appreciated! Xx

Please see McKenZie’s other site, for their country music gigs and concert listings